Photo diary: Bodrum, Turkey

DSC_1460bI see where this blogging (aka my interests) is going.. It’s been mostly about traveling and that won’t change so soon – I guess, overthinking the blog-strategy from a fashion into travel one would be a good thing to consider, right?

Bodrum, Turkey

Mezze, blue sky and crystal clear sea, 27 degrees weather in October, white little houses which made me think of Santorini or Mykonos (never been there though hah), the atmosphere,.. I could go on like that for hours really. I had the chance to travel to Bodrum in Turkey last week thanks to Turkey Toursim (Türkei Tourismus), in order to discover the city with a some other blogger girls. I came there without any expectations (other than all people in my surrounding who were everything but relaxed about my trip there.. no one relaxed, ever) and man, was I surprised.CollageTurkeyBodrum

3 things I loved most about the Bodrum peninsula

1. The food: Thinking back at those days I feel like the only thing we were doing was eating, eating,.. Coming there as a complete stranger I didn’t even know the little different plates called mezze that were served before every meal – and believe me, you were full even before the main dish came, plates full of different veggies. I must say, I was totally surprised to see Turkish food to be so much about vegetables and their preparation, although it makes sense if you think about it. Oh and don’t get me talking about Turkish coffee, tea or Raki (Turkish schnaps).. this was love at “first try”. Also, I had the best ice cream ever at Bitez Dondürm which is an absolute must try if there! Also, the Cimentepe Restaurant in Yalikavak is to die for, the view at night is priceless. However, good foods are a standard in Turkey, so even if you choose little local restaurants you’ll get the best experience for low money. And for a romantic dinner I’d recommend choosing a place at the promenade of Gümüslük with an incredible view on the sea.
Funny fact: We were at a market and different shops and I didn’t even know half of the vegetables, spices or fruits that were sold there – so crazy! The diversity of different food is unbelievable and so worth seeing.


Stéphanie, Kristina, Sylwina, Beatrice and me

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Photo diary: Budva, Montenegro

IMG_6797Summer 2016: It’s been the best season featuring the most unforgettable memories so far.
However, it’s also been one hell of an adventure. Adventure, that is life.
Today it is all about this very one adventure that frightened the daylights out of me, for a slight moment at least. We’re starting my “summer 2016 – travel series” from behind now – but for the moment let’s say: personal importance of sharing before “the masses pleasure”.
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This photo of mine is much older than any of you might actually think, altough it represents my current mood pretty good: neutrals and nudes. And coats.

Since university started and we already got to feel what “time is a precious good, use it considerately” actually means after only two weeks, blogging once again needs to be shifted back in priority-lists.
Additionally, finding a photographer turns out to be pretty hard in a new town you know no one.
The future of neverdreamedaboutthis doesn’t look that bright, really.

But then again there are some travel posts yet to come such as New York, Coratia and Montenegro. Apart from that, outfit posts might fade into the background. I truly hope my assumption will turn out to be so wrong, however, plans from professors might prove the opposite in near future.

Let’s get the work done.




Mediaeval castles (Kastel fortress), Banja Luka and the Vrbas river – not much that I need for some smiling pictures and a good time. As you might’ve seen on my instagram, Bosnia (and Croatia and Montenegro) have been my places to go this summer besides the US.
Well, Bosnia, my so-called second home, has always got my heart. Especially this place in the second largest city in the whole country.
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