Bed time with Hästens

Who doesn’t love sleep at the end of a long day?
When thinking of how many hours an individuals spends in bed during his whole lifetime, the choice of the bed becomes a crucial thing to invest in as it can highly affect our health or everday hapiness.
Last week I had the chance to attend an event which was all about regaing energy at night. As we all can imagine, the bed is the most important component for that!
By choosing a bed there’s much more to keep in mind: which mattress, material or design do I need so I can have healthy sleep at night?
Now I know the answer: Hästens. Continue Reading


One colour, two details

My summer has officially started. Unlike most students it is filled with a new job, thus it’s all about work, work, work. However, I’m trying to plan a getaway in September which is hopefully going to work out, fingers crossed. But let’s move on with the main topic of this article: This time I’m back with an outfit post. It was shot about 3, 4 months ago and somehow I totally forgot to post this. Hovewer, some of you might have seen this insta post already.

So, today it’s all about two of my favourite pieces which you got a glance in that photo on instagram. I promise, they will make your look complete once you add them to your outfit. Continue Reading


Spa treatment at home: Ritual of Hammam

Long time no see, my dearest readers. Time has been flying.
So this, peeps, is how university changes your life. How vacation turns into the period where all you do is write your essays, how moving away from home makes it hard to find someone taking your photos, how life gets much less exciting.

The good news: I had my last exam today and the only thing I need right now is to relax as my mind is full of information, my body stressed out.. So this exactly is what I’m showing you today! My personal first step is going to the gym as this makes my mind clear and happy. Additionally, I’ll make sure to spend some minutes to fully relax whenever there’s a whirpool around, to take in the view.. which is absolutely breathtaking. I’m very thankful I got to live there for some years enjoying such a view every other day.

But how do I get pampered without spending tons of money for massages or spas?

The answer is simple: I use Rituals at home.
Beautiful skin, anyone? Well, this is the brand. Summer’s calling – time to show off your legs, ladies! They launched a new 5 step ritual called The Ritual of Hammam which will make your skin glowing and your body smooth. The range of 10+ spa products with a eucalyptus scent are a perfect way to treat your body everything it needs to relax.

Hammam describes an ancient traditional ritual of cleaning and relaxing in bathhouses which date back to the old Orient.

However, we don’t need to go back in time. All you need is patience, a bathtube and time because this is your day and you gotta take time for yourself, your mind and your body once and then. Continue Reading


Photo diary: New York & Atlantic city (New Jersey)

Skyline Manhattan from Liberty State Park

Skyline of Manhattan from Liberty State Park

In the first part of my photo diary I showed you my top three places in the big apple. However, there’s a lot more places I loved seeing within New York which could be of interest to some of you.

Soho Manhattan Flatiron buildingMore interesting spots in New York City?

Soho in Manhattan was for me the most amazing part of whole New York. The cast iron buildings and colourful houses will make hearts of architecture lovers melt. It’s a place where you’ll find nearly all big luxury brands such as Chanel or Prada as well as other boutiques. Very interesting spot which has a very special vibe. Something else you have to see when in New York (and as  a fan of architecture) is the Flatiron Building. Skyline NYC, Washington Square ArchWhen it comes to buildings and architecture New York has a lot of different things to offer. Continue Reading


Casual wintery outfit


Vero Moda jacket and top*, Jaqueline de Yong cardigan* via AboutYou/ New Yorker choker/ Dosenbach heels

I’m back with another outfit, more casual this time. This is how I usually dress on „normal“ days, however, without the heels. It’s still cold enough not to be wearing this kind of shoes. On the other hand, a good jacket is what you need during winter! This black parka is my new favourite piece I got the other day at AboutYou, a german shop. It’s so fluffy and keeps me warm during cold days. Additionally, the black top and cardigan are from the same shop. Guys, you cannot see, but the texture on that cardigan is absolutely amazing. Furthermore, lace up heels and shirts have been everywhere so I decided to go for them.
And btw how great is the gold choker? Do you guys feel like chokers have „been around“ ever since 2014 (I know I wear them ever since) but the’ve become a trendy thing just a few months back? Sometimes it’s unbelievable how Switzerland (and other parts of Europe) are behind in fashion.

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