Experiencing regional taste with local.ch

CollageFreudenbergfoodFood – the essential thing of life. But isn’t food much more than that?! Some people might love it way too much. Yep – guilty – that’s me. That’s what today’s article is going to be about: A great possibility how to find awesome spots in Switzerland plus my own experience.

Since I had to work at weekends outside my town during December, I was always on the lookout for cool places to grab some nice food. There are a lot of sites out there, recommending this and that. Trip Advisor has always been a helpful one. Though in Switzerland, it’s quite hard to find cool spots in little towns, espcieally through that app. That’s why I tried local.ch and it’s simply fantastic. I used it more than once to find some nice place to eat and it was never a failure. Super easy by entering the post code and off you go! Continue Reading


Fuming forest, run

ForestsmokebombsAnybody been ever to a snow covered, fuming forest? No? Well, you gotta come to Switzerland aka the winter wonderland on earth. I swear, I don’t know if there are any nicer places during winter. Plus another perk: hanging around with us you’ll get a forest-plot filled with smoke bombs for a shooting. Oh and not to forget my tea which I always bring with me. And sometimes, I’d bring Mr. Teddy too.
I see, I’m turning your thoughts into a “yes, please” ’cause anybody likes a mystic atmosphere. Continue Reading


Spotlight on: Peter Sturn (photographer)

CollagePeterSturn2 I’ve been thinking a lot about the future and what I want to do after high school. I’ve thought of knowing that already since years but it seems that all my thoughts on it were shattered from one day to the other, because what if.. I wasn’t meant for economy but for something else, journalism or photography?
That’s why I’m currently doing research, trying to occupy myself at a maximum with creative work.. which includes looking at the work of others. And that’s what todays aritcle is about: a photograper.
A very well known photographer among the old and young, due to being active on social media. Continue Reading


Forest walks

ForestYoins shirt, earrings*/ H&M skirt/ Doc Martens/ Vintage coat, jacket

So lately, Christmas, Slava and stuff (perks of being a Christian orthodox I guess) have been making us burst into pieces because of various food marathons, friends coming over, drinking a bit too much of coffee and opening presents – as example my new cute teddy. Mum simply never fails with christmas presents. He hasn’t got a name yet so I’ll stick to “Mr. Teddy” until something great comes to my mind.

I brought him out today for his first forest walk to see some snow. He was happy, and so was I.
A weekend well spent, I’d say. Continue Reading


neverdreamedaboutthis Vol. 2

IMG_1293It’s been a long time. Life’s been catching up on me and somehow work and school and friends and vacation and and and decided to do the same: catch up on me. But why do I never catch up on sleep, I ask?

Today I am presenting you something I have been planning to do since early 2014, but never really managed to fulfil: a new layout and the movement from blogger to wordpress
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