Black fringe love

DSC_0284bTally weijl pants/ Bik Bok top/ Dosenbach lace up flats & bag

Another day, another outfit: or at least things should work like that over here, guess they don’t.

However, I’ve finally got through all my exams and I have officially graduated last Friday. I’m out of high school and a new chapter of life is starting very soon or at least let’s hope it is. Signing up for university means searching for an apartment, interior and a million of other exciting things for the time being. Well, I’m prepared.
At least I’m giving a try to get all prepared.
‘Cause I’ve been hanging around in the States the last few days, New York to be specific, and life’s never been better because of all the relaxing etc. NYC is truly magnificent. Exploring the city and a different state (and continent!) all by myself has been like treatment to me: no studying, no books, no stress, only time. Time being available as much as you need. Very much needed.
But an apartment won’t find itself.

I guess NYC is going to even strengthen my love for black, because it’s so colorful. Although I like these red lace up flats – pairing with colours? Uhh, yep. And the’re even pricey because they are from Dosenbach. Another black pair? Definitely!
And what about fringes? Personally, my favourite trend this year. Never too many fringes, ever. Continue Reading


Long hair, don’t care

DSC_0440b  Long hair: a dream and aim of many women, a long-awaited happening which, once it is grown to the desired lenght, no hair-dresser should touch.
I know my problem with hair: it’s too thick and cannot be tamed, too slowly growing (which can cause problems especially if you look like a 10-year-old with short hair.. ehm, me?) – wait a sec!
What if this process of growing wouldn’t take 1 year but 5 minutes instead?

I have known people using extensions for clubbing, photos, whatever.. Although I really never considered getting extensions myself, it never occured me due to the “excessive price” (my bad). However, googling and searching made me realise they weren’t as pricey. 100 CHF for extensions and thickening? Hell, yeah! And the best? It’s up to you if you want short hair this or long hair that day. Speaking of freedom of choice? Yeah. Continue Reading


Slits & tutus

DSC_1846Pull&Bear top/ H&M bodychain/ Dosenbach heels/ Vintage skirt

This post has been overdue since over two months now – today’s article is about the Mode Suisse Edition 9: At the beginning of February I was delighted to be invited to the Mode Suisse which is one of my favourite fashion related happenings within Switzerland. I have been to several editions up to now and just like always the collections were major, the best swiss designers presenting their F/W designs they have come up with. Many pieces from various designers caught my eyes – nevertheless I guess I liked Steinrohner’s prints, Julian Ziegerli’s diversity, Claudia Zuber’s blackness and Lyn Lingerie’s translucency the best. Continue Reading



DSC_0154b Metro boutique top/ Tally Weijl pants/ Adidas superstars/ Vintage coat, purse/ Primark earrings

Oh my god.. it’s been nearly two involuntary months of no blogging because of some wordpress bug nobody seemed to be able to fix. Whatever, problem is fixed and I’m going to continue blogging with full speed as there are enough posts coming up the next few weeks which I have prepared already!

Things have been changing drastically lately, not to mention I have 18 school days to go until high school is finished.. Holy moly! Quite nervous because of the changes which will come up after this summer as life is gonna be different than until now, however, I believe it’s gonna be a new interesting chapter in life! University and student’s life is awaiting and I’m one hell ready for that. Continue Reading


The Day of The Dead: Carnival 2k16


As I already mentioned, I had vacations and that’s usually when the madness starts: carnival. You have to know that carnival is the thing in my little town, because that’s basically the only time there are actual peope around in the streets after 9 PM, having fun and dancing to songs.
Personally I have always loved dressing up, especially when it’s topics where it gets really dark and scary.
So this time I have been a dead girl, celebrating the rising from my dead fellows with cigarettes and tequilla because I’ve gone out from hell for one day and have nothing to fear: the Day of the Dead. Just not in Mexico (as normal), but whatever. Cold Switzerland’s fine, too. Continue Reading