Photo diary: New York & Atlantic city (New Jersey)

Skyline Manhattan from Liberty State Park

Skyline of Manhattan from Liberty State Park

In the first part of my photo diary I showed you my top three places in the big apple. However, there’s a lot more places I loved seeing within New York which could be of interest to some of you.

Soho Manhattan Flatiron buildingMore interesting spots in New York City?

Soho in Manhattan was for me the most amazing part of whole New York. The cast iron buildings and colourful houses will make hearts of architecture lovers melt. It’s a place where you’ll find nearly all big luxury brands such as Chanel or Prada as well as other boutiques. Very interesting spot which has a very special vibe. Something else you have to see when in New York (and as  a fan of architecture) is the Flatiron Building. Skyline NYC, Washington Square ArchWhen it comes to buildings and architecture New York has a lot of different things to offer. Continue Reading


Casual wintery outfit


Vero Moda jacket and top*, Jaqueline de Yong cardigan* via AboutYou/ New Yorker choker/ Dosenbach heels

I’m back with another outfit, more casual this time. This is how I usually dress on „normal“ days, however, without the heels. It’s still cold enough not to be wearing this kind of shoes. On the other hand, a good jacket is what you need during winter! This black parka is my new favourite piece I got the other day at AboutYou, a german shop. It’s so fluffy and keeps me warm during cold days. Additionally, the black top and cardigan are from the same shop. Guys, you cannot see, but the texture on that cardigan is absolutely amazing. Furthermore, lace up heels and shirts have been everywhere so I decided to go for them.
And btw how great is the gold choker? Do you guys feel like chokers have „been around“ ever since 2014 (I know I wear them ever since) but the’ve become a trendy thing just a few months back? Sometimes it’s unbelievable how Switzerland (and other parts of Europe) are behind in fashion.

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Photo diary: New York, United States of America

Top of the Rock view NYC Manhattan

As some of you might’ve seen on my instagram, I was in New York last summer. Due to university and exams I wasn’t able to publish this post earlier. While planning a trip to New York the most important thing is deciding what you actually want to see during your stay there. Knowing how many places and possibilities are in this big big city, I know the choice is hard to make.

Cereal, houses Washington Square NYC

Cereals in the US = pure love / Houses near Washington Square Park

Depending on the lenght of your stay you’ll have to decide what you actually want to see. I know this part can be the most frustrating as you want to see as many places as possible. My tip: Grab a map, mark all the places you want to go and group them geographically day by day. You’ll save up a lot of time moving from one place to another because you don’t have to go from one end of city to the other end.NYC big city of dreams

What to see when in New York? My top three places within the city:

1 Top of the Rock: I might have a thing from seeing places and cities from above. However, the feeling of being on the 70st floor, looking at a city which has no real ending is a mesmerizing moment. I’m not kidding when I say that I spent 4 hours up there. I heard people saying that queues are longer at the Empire State building. Also, the the Empire State itself looks better on the pictures. I was there on a weekday at 2pm and there was basically nobody, I was at the top within two minutes after entering Rockfeller Center. It’s the best 35$ I spent in New York and I would go back there any time, however, this time I would choose the sunset and night view which must be breathtaking too.View Top of the Rock NYC Manhattan Central Park

2 Central Park: Once you enter Central Park you’ll be overwhelmed by realizing how big this park actually is. People are doing yoga, playing American football, practicing for marathons or riding their bikes. It’s a quiet place yet full of life. In case you’re trying to escape the hectic city, this is the place to be. You’ll end up seeing the famous Bow bridge, Belvedere castle or Bethesda terrace (Gossip girl marriage, anyone?). It’s the perfect place  to feel the nature, have a picnic and watch the squirrels or birds. Street artists are everywhere. During summer, there’s many concerts of various local bands and artists.

Central Park view, Bethesda Terrace Continue Reading


Day at „Bauer Fritz’s“ with Miss Earth Switzerland candidates

Swiss bloggers Tanja, Stéphanie and Yolicia

Me, Stéphanie and Yolicia

A couple of months ago I had the honour to work with Bonprix on a very exciting project. Assuming that most of you know Miss contests, this is exactly the topic I’m going to talk about today. However, as a difference to the rest, this contest isn’t only about beauty. As some of you might know Miss Earth has the message „beauties for a cause“.

Bauer Fritz farm in SwitzerlandConsequentely it’s all about nature and standing for environment by realizing projects in order to make a change in environmental protection or for a good humanitarian cause. It’s the social aspect which is crucial. Bonprix on the other side is part of the project. As a retailer which produces clothing out of PET-bottles (yes, it’s true!) and it’s involvement in several projects in Africa regarding the sustainable production of cotton, it’s the perfect match for a partnership. Continue Reading


Black lace and gold details

DSC_1693bbVbridal top/ Claire’s headchain/ H&M skirt/ Skagen bracelet and watch*/ Fossil necklace*

Another kind of outfit and probably my interpretation of a possible new year’s eve outfit: it’s the little things which make an outfit special.

We’re talking about watches, again. Yes I know, I might be a freak when it comes to watches, however, I believe it’s the little things which make an outfit special (especially when it comes to casual outfits). There’s a hundred of different models avalaible and you can choose whatever you want to wear in everyday life, you can even personalize it by choosing different patterns, prints and colours. My outfit above might not be casual, though it’s only special because of the details: A head-chain, bracelet, necklace and a watch. And this little black watch from Skagen with rosegold details, as well as the wonderful gold bracelet, is just too perfect not to be worn, right? Continue Reading