About me

Who’s behind this blog?

Tanja, a 19-year-old student based in Switzerland founded this blog called „neverdreamedaboutthis“ back in 2011 at the age of 13. It’s been over 6 years ever since the start of that project and there’s no stop in sight. Having one goal back then: inspiring others and letting them see the beauty in life – creating a sort of escape for all the lost ones. Because she herself needed an own escape by daydreaming her into some other more inspiring place.
She’s a big dreamer. A believer. Hoping for the better, always and forever.
With the time she evolved a big interest in fashion & photography and started getting involved by transforming her style and herself eventually. It’s been a neverending journey ever since.
Opinions don’t matter anymore. Finding and (re-)creating herself: that’s the goal nowdays.
There’s a „to be“-list on her mind, which she wants to come to as close as possible.
What do you think about conquering this journey together?
In case you want to see what this dreamer has been up to lately, the best way to do so is through instagram @tanja.who. Also, in case you just want to chat about your new dog you got the other day, what to wear to your brother’s wedding or you simply just want to say hi ‚cause you’re a warm-hearted human being: drop her a message at tanja@neverdreamedaboutthis.com and she’ll give her best to reply within considerable amount of time.