Black roses

Blondedge sweater*/ Daniel Wellington watch*/ H&M skirt, hat/ Dosenbach ankle boots/ Claire’s choker/ Vintage coat  #teenvogue
 Another Monday, another month.. Well, I still believe time flies way too quickly, however, I’m quite happy 2014 will come to a new end as 2015 will be a fresh start and probably open many opportunities and experiences – or let’s just say that’s what I hope for.
These days I have not been wearing much expect black, in fact I’ve been wearing nothing but black for maybe.. nearly 3 weeks? Yup, all black is my favourite. And nothing can top that, trust me. But as things over here would get boring pretty quickly with all-black-everything-outfits I have decided not to post unless I do have something to share. And I believe this might be something worth sharing. Also, I’m planning some gift guides..

Very much black in this outfit, I know but I just couldn’t help it! And this amazing rose printed sweater asks for all the attention next to the hat and chocker so there’s no problem, right? I have been loving crop tops and I got this one from Blondedge, a shop based in the US which actually sells vintage and Primark stuff!
On another note we all know how much I love my Daniel Wellington watch which I have for more than a year now and when I got the chance to team up with them again I got so excited! This time I picked a little gold watch with a white/ blue watch strap. To say I’m in love with it would be a huge understatement, seriously.

Oh and not to forget: In case somebody wants to order a Daniel Wellington watch here’s the code with which you get 15% off the usual price! It’s holiday_neverdreamed and valid thru 31/12/2014.


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    01/12/2014 at 12:29

    Tanja you look lovely in this outfit!

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    B Ruhamania
    01/12/2014 at 17:08

    super outfit:) xx

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    Vannessa Henn
    01/12/2014 at 21:10

    Der Pulli ist mega! 🙂

    Liebe Grüße, Vanessa
    von fashion of lemoande

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    Melissa DeOliveira
    01/12/2014 at 23:14

    Love the hat!!! Xx


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    Kiss & Make-up
    02/12/2014 at 10:59

    Another lovely combo. You look so good in a hat, I am jealous 🙂 Loving the rings by the way, they're very pretty.

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    Dimitrije Stojanov
    02/12/2014 at 17:04

    SAVRŠENO! Obožavam ovakav outfit da vidim na devojci 🙂


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    Xamy Valentierra
    02/12/2014 at 22:14

    This outfit, omg it's perfect!


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    02/12/2014 at 22:26

    cools outfit! Ach im Winter bini immer so ufmne hauptsächlich-schwarz-na-chli-mit-grau-und-wies-trip! 😀
    Ah ich wünschti mir, dass ich eh Daniel Wellington Uhr hetti, find die so schön!


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    03/12/2014 at 03:21

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    Cécile Mazel
    03/12/2014 at 14:53

    J'aime ton style 🙂



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    03/12/2014 at 19:01

    wonderful post 🙂 i always love reading your blog ;D

    winter giveaway

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    04/12/2014 at 02:26

    Lovely post! xx


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    04/12/2014 at 11:00

    Nice hat 🙂

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    Lady parisienne
    04/12/2014 at 15:10

    you look so cool, I also buy a necklace like that, I can't live without it now!! and the entire look is perfect

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    Hajdi Đukić
    04/12/2014 at 23:25

    Divna kombinacija, kroz koju provejava dašak romantike i ležernosti! Šešir i kaput su famozni, a ti prirodna i lepa <3

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    06/12/2014 at 20:47

    Odlična kombinacija kao i cijeli blog! Posjeti mene http://www.benzoholic.wix.com/fashionvictim nadam se da se pratimo;)

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    09/12/2014 at 20:32

    Your look is fantastic 🙂 pretty ♥

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    Caro *
    11/12/2014 at 21:31

    Very pretty. Your top is beautiful 🙂

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