Casual wintery outfit


Vero Moda jacket and top*, Jaqueline de Yong cardigan* via AboutYou/ New Yorker choker/ Dosenbach heels

I’m back with another outfit, more casual this time. This is how I usually dress on „normal“ days, however, without the heels. It’s still cold enough not to be wearing this kind of shoes. On the other hand, a good jacket is what you need during winter! This black parka is my new favourite piece I got the other day at AboutYou, a german shop. It’s so fluffy and keeps me warm during cold days. Additionally, the black top and cardigan are from the same shop. Guys, you cannot see, but the texture on that cardigan is absolutely amazing. Furthermore, lace up heels and shirts have been everywhere so I decided to go for them.
And btw how great is the gold choker? Do you guys feel like chokers have „been around“ ever since 2014 (I know I wear them ever since) but the’ve become a trendy thing just a few months back? Sometimes it’s unbelievable how Switzerland (and other parts of Europe) are behind in fashion.


What about jeans? Aren’t they the implication of a casual outfit?

They have been around forever and I’m still no fan of jeans. The truth is, I only have one pair and I don’t wear it that often. Black is my priority, always and forever. I usually find myself asking how I can actually pair blue jeans without looking like a parrot (which I feel like if wearing more than two colours). Thus, what I usually go for is jeans + white/black/neutral colours. Jeans and a colourful top is just not what I feel comfortable in, however there are people who pair this so well that I’d like to change my personal attitude towards this topic sometimes..

DSC_1681b DSC_1669b

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