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Photo diary: New York, United States of America

Top of the Rock view NYC Manhattan

As some of you might’ve seen on my instagram, I was in New York last summer. Due to university and exams I wasn’t able to publish this post earlier. While planning a trip to New York the most important thing is deciding what you actually want to see during your stay there. Knowing how many places and possibilities are in this big big city, I know the choice is hard to make.

Cereal, houses Washington Square NYC

Cereals in the US = pure love / Houses near Washington Square Park

Depending on the lenght of your stay you’ll have to decide what you actually want to see. I know this part can be the most frustrating as you want to see as many places as possible. My tip: Grab a map, mark all the places you want to go and group them geographically day by day. You’ll save up a lot of time moving from one place to another because you don’t have to go from one end of city to the other end.NYC big city of dreams

What to see when in New York? My top three places within the city:

1 Top of the Rock: I might have a thing from seeing places and cities from above. However, the feeling of being on the 70st floor, looking at a city which has no real ending is a mesmerizing moment. I’m not kidding when I say that I spent 4 hours up there. I heard people saying that queues are longer at the Empire State building. Also, the the Empire State itself looks better on the pictures. I was there on a weekday at 2pm and there was basically nobody, I was at the top within two minutes after entering Rockfeller Center. It’s the best 35$ I spent in New York and I would go back there any time, however, this time I would choose the sunset and night view which must be breathtaking too.View Top of the Rock NYC Manhattan Central Park

2 Central Park: Once you enter Central Park you’ll be overwhelmed by realizing how big this park actually is. People are doing yoga, playing American football, practicing for marathons or riding their bikes. It’s a quiet place yet full of life. In case you’re trying to escape the hectic city, this is the place to be. You’ll end up seeing the famous Bow bridge, Belvedere castle or Bethesda terrace (Gossip girl marriage, anyone?). It’s the perfect place  to feel the nature, have a picnic and watch the squirrels or birds. Street artists are everywhere. During summer, there’s many concerts of various local bands and artists.

Central Park view, Bethesda Terrace Continue Reading




Mediaeval castles (Kastel fortress), Banja Luka and the Vrbas river – not much that I need for some smiling pictures and a good time. As you might’ve seen on my instagram, Bosnia (and Croatia and Montenegro) have been my places to go this summer besides the US.
Well, Bosnia, my so-called second home, has always got my heart. Especially this place in the second largest city in the whole country.
Mesmerizing. Continue Reading

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The Dolder

DSC_0386bHere we are again and I’m slowly making a real comeback when it comes to blogging and taking pictures: I have some things prepared I need to share with you which means I’m getting back on track.

All black: as usual. Long sized tops: as usual. Doc Martens: as usual.
Some things never change.

These pictures were taken at The Dolder Grand, which is probably the most famous hotel in whole Switzerland, located on a hill in Zürich from where you have the most magical view over the city. It is basically a chateau – at least I call it like that – as it has some beautiful towers which make it look like a palace really. I was invited there for Jean Luc Amsler’s presentation of his newest couture collection which was for sure a collection, view and night to remember..
I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Continue Reading


Fuming forest, run

ForestsmokebombsAnybody been ever to a snow covered, fuming forest? No? Well, you gotta come to Switzerland aka the winter wonderland on earth. I swear, I don’t know if there are any nicer places during winter. Plus another perk: hanging around with us you’ll get a forest-plot filled with smoke bombs for a shooting. Oh and not to forget my tea which I always bring with me. And sometimes, I’d bring Mr. Teddy too.
I see, I’m turning your thoughts into a „yes, please“ ‚cause anybody likes a mystic atmosphere. Continue Reading


Photo diary: Berlin, Germany

Checking out the Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe
So, here comes the last but for sure not least photo diary I still had to share since October.
My best friend and I were spending amazing 4 days in the great, urban city of Berlin. It’s been an extension for the both of us. I believe we both saw a new way of life, less hectic than in Switzerland. With many people around us, many different people. People who are so friendly they could talk to a stranger for hours.

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