Bed time with Hästens

Who doesn’t love sleep at the end of a long day?
When thinking of how many hours an individuals spends in bed during his whole lifetime, the choice of the bed becomes a crucial thing to invest in as it can highly affect our health or everday hapiness.
Last week I had the chance to attend an event which was all about regaing energy at night. As we all can imagine, the bed is the most important component for that!
By choosing a bed there’s much more to keep in mind: which mattress, material or design do I need so I can have healthy sleep at night?
Now I know the answer: Hästens.

But what is Hästens?

Founded back in 1852 Hästens is known for Swedish quality, tradition, design and luxury beds. It’s a brand I had not known before the event. However, their comfortable beds for sure convinced me of the quality! The mattress is made by layering cotton, horsehair, wool or pine in order to make the bed breathe (by transoporting unwanted heat or moisture). Especially relevant is fact that all beds are handcrafted and therefore satisfy each customer need in a different, individual way. Imagine somebody sewing your bed by hand.. wow, that must take quite some time. As it features natural materials only, it is a sustainable product. Being ethically responsible was never easier.

Apart from beds there is also various accessories to choose from such as pillows, bed linen or comfy pajamas. However, my personal favourites are the down boots which might look funny at first sight but keep your feet so warm during night.

This post was written in cooperation with Hästens.

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