DSC_1639bbSometimes it’s just about the moving itself, no matter where – it’s the process itself which matters. A movement, somehow – you know, there’s many ways of different movements apart from the physical one (Hence the blurred images). ‚Cause without motion, how would we find our place in this wide world? Collage2_______________
Hey, there! I’m back. At least for the next month or so, at least for the period of time until exams start and I get to be that big nerve-wracking elephant who’s procrastinating by cooking food. Yes, food = love, ever since I moved out of home and have to cook every day. It’s my new love which is keeping me from studying in like 90% of cases. Ups.

I’m giving a sign of life by basically publishing two outfits in one post which is a novelty on neverdreamedaboutthis I guess, both featuring one thing I fell in love with: My new grey Fossil watch I got the other day. The simple colour palette of a silver strap, white dial and rose gold details is perfect for any outfit you got. There’s always a way to fit in three basic and simple colours. No matter who you want to be, the classy but sporty girl or the black gothic badass chick, it’s a watch you can fit into any mood and any time really. And I believe the watch did the job just fine in both outfits, altough there’s such a difference regarding the styling and colours.
Oh and they same goes to the little pendant necklace you cannot quite see it as a part of my dark outfit. It’s a little gem of a necklace, featuring a slight dark crystal.

However, which look do you guys like more?

DSC_1650bbDSC_1742 DSC_1657bb Collage1 Collage3This article was written in cooperation with Fossil.


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    Kiss & Make-up
    06/12/2016 at 10:34

    How fun that you picked up cooking! I like this outfit, we don’t often see you in color, but it’s nice.

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    Jelisaveta Djukanovic Sara
    11/12/2016 at 14:05

    Odlicna kombinacija i fotografije isto! Svidja mi se. 😉

    Moj prvi video je na youtube, mozda ti se dopadne: VIDEO LINK

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    Andrea Brito
    21/12/2016 at 13:15

    Moving it’s a good new age, a new vibe, a new time and new people! You look great in the photos, like ever!


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