One colour, two details

My summer has officially started. Unlike most students it is filled with a new job, thus it’s all about work, work, work. However, I’m trying to plan a getaway in September which is hopefully going to work out, fingers crossed. But let’s move on with the main topic of this article: This time I’m back with an outfit post. It was shot about 3, 4 months ago and somehow I totally forgot to post this. Hovewer, some of you might have seen this insta post already.

So, today it’s all about two of my favourite pieces which you got a glance in that photo on instagram. I promise, they will make your look complete once you add them to your outfit.

1. Gold Skagen Watch

This one was given to me back in March, a little before I got to attend the Baselworld. It’s a timeless gold piece with a blue dial which makes it look trendy and elegant at the same time. This watch has been my companion the past few months and surprisingly, many people asked which brand it was from – Skagen – but many of them never having heard of the brand. Well, it’s the perfect brand if you search an elegant, minimal and timeless watch you’ll be able to wear in 10 years too.
Also, I posted about another of their watches before, check out the post here.

2. A wide sleeve blouse (from H&M)

Chic and comfy? This blouse is all you need to turn any look into the most amazing outfit, even for a night out. Especially during spring we were able to see tons of wide sleeve blouses and tops but the trend continues even in summer. I promise, with such a blouse you’ll turn all eyes on you. Long story short: Anything wide (sleeves, hems) is an absolute must-have this season.

It’s two essential pieces a wardrobe must contain, as making any outfit look more stylish is easy as a pie once you add them to your look!

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