This photo of mine is much older than any of you might actually think, altough it represents my current mood pretty good: neutrals and nudes. And coats.

Since university started and we already got to feel what „time is a precious good, use it considerately“ actually means after only two weeks, blogging once again needs to be shifted back in priority-lists.
Additionally, finding a photographer turns out to be pretty hard in a new town you know no one.
The future of neverdreamedaboutthis doesn’t look that bright, really.

But then again there are some travel posts yet to come such as New York, Coratia and Montenegro. Apart from that, outfit posts might fade into the background. I truly hope my assumption will turn out to be so wrong, however, plans from professors might prove the opposite in near future.

Let’s get the work done.




Mediaeval castles (Kastel fortress), Banja Luka and the Vrbas river – not much that I need for some smiling pictures and a good time. As you might’ve seen on my instagram, Bosnia (and Croatia and Montenegro) have been my places to go this summer besides the US.
Well, Bosnia, my so-called second home, has always got my heart. Especially this place in the second largest city in the whole country.
Mesmerizing. Continue Reading


Moving: Beds and other issues*

Mattress floor, girl, teddy bear, blankets

*Dearest reader, be aware that this article has been written in cooperation with dormando.de and is therefore a piece of advertising* However, this still means that the post itself reflects my own opinion (only!).

I’m turning 19 on this very day and becoming a person who doesn’t like birthdays because there are much more important things in life than that.
Well yeah, two years ago I wouldn’t have understood myself. Life’s an adventure, that I have realised.
And so is the „fear of starting uni“ – and failing it eventually, of course.
The truth is that I’m currently searching for an apartment because university is starting sooner than I want to realise…And naturally, with apartment-hunting comes the „interior-plan-which-isn’t-a-plan-really“. No, it’s more the „I-like-45980-different-ways-of-decorating-the-bedroom-which-one-can-I-go-for“. Or better: „My-budget-is-a-certain-number-how-cool-can-my-bedroom-become-with-that-money“. Phu. Well, I guess you got the point. Continue Reading

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The Dolder

DSC_0386bHere we are again and I’m slowly making a real comeback when it comes to blogging and taking pictures: I have some things prepared I need to share with you which means I’m getting back on track.

All black: as usual. Long sized tops: as usual. Doc Martens: as usual.
Some things never change.

These pictures were taken at The Dolder Grand, which is probably the most famous hotel in whole Switzerland, located on a hill in Zürich from where you have the most magical view over the city. It is basically a chateau – at least I call it like that – as it has some beautiful towers which make it look like a palace really. I was invited there for Jean Luc Amsler’s presentation of his newest couture collection which was for sure a collection, view and night to remember..
I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Continue Reading