Photo diary: Budva, Montenegro

IMG_6797Summer 2016: It’s been the best season featuring the most unforgettable memories so far.
However, it’s also been one hell of an adventure. Adventure, that is life.
Today it is all about this very one adventure that frightened the daylights out of me, for a slight moment at least. We’re starting my „summer 2016 – travel series“ from behind now – but for the moment let’s say: personal importance of sharing before „the masses pleasure“.
New York article is to come too, I promise.CollageBudva1Starting August, the „Welcome to Montenegro“- sign kept in sight after so many other signs I had seen that summer until then. Sun, beach and the sea: What is there more to need? Plus, the hotel Tre Canne in Budva where we stayed some nights, was the most amazing one I’ve probably seen so far. Partying, wandering the streets of town, lying at the beach: That was our everyday plan for a few days.IMG_6822However, there was that night where I lonely „stranded“ in Budva. My friends had departed a few hours per flight, whereas I wanted to go by night bus later that day. You gotta know peeps, when travelling to the Balkans the buses will never arrive on time. Never, ever. I had been waiting for nearly 2hrs in Split for mybus to arrive a few days earlier. I thought of bad bus system in the Balkans as „normal“. However, when I heard „bus didn’t show up, ride cancelled“ and I was there at the station, no place to go, lonely, carrying all my baggage and wandering trough the city only to get rejected at every possible hotel in whole town because every single room in whole Budva, or so it seemed at least, was fully booked – well, a my world crashed. Especially after the kilometres I walked with no possible solution for the night, tired and my luggage ran over by a car – I was a nervous wreck.
CollageBudva3What probably saved my life that night was a lovely person I cannot thank enough and a card (‚cause at an age of 19 one wouldn’t think of leaving money behind just in case something happened). But then again, the Visa LibertyCard, a credit card with special benefits such as possibilities of, saved my night quite literally. The special automatical travelling insurance provided through the card give you a certain personal support just in case anything happened. And then there’s the bonus programme where you collect points through various travelling and turn them into actual vouchers for even more travelling.  Money saved – yes, please.MGWC3818 IMG_6841Back to Budva: Hotel room was found at last and could be payed due to the card. My world was good again at the end of the day. The bus system, however, needs to be improved: I couldn’t have left the city for 4 more days if it wasn’t for friendly people who took me back home.CollageBudva2

This article has been written in cooperation with Visa LibertyCard, though the story behind which happened in Budva is real and features my own experience.

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    Kiss & Make-up
    30/09/2016 at 13:02

    Beautiful photos! That first shot is simply stunning. Looks like you had a fantastic time.

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