Spa treatment at home: Ritual of Hammam

Long time no see, my dearest readers. Time has been flying.
So this, peeps, is how university changes your life. How vacation turns into the period where all you do is write your essays, how moving away from home makes it hard to find someone taking your photos, how life gets much less exciting.

The good news: I had my last exam today and the only thing I need right now is to relax as my mind is full of information, my body stressed out.. So this exactly is what I’m showing you today! My personal first step is going to the gym as this makes my mind clear and happy. Additionally, I’ll make sure to spend some minutes to fully relax whenever there’s a whirpool around, to take in the view.. which is absolutely breathtaking. I’m very thankful I got to live there for some years enjoying such a view every other day.

But how do I get pampered without spending tons of money for massages or spas?

The answer is simple: I use Rituals at home.
Beautiful skin, anyone? Well, this is the brand. Summer’s calling – time to show off your legs, ladies! They launched a new 5 step ritual called The Ritual of Hammam which will make your skin glowing and your body smooth. The range of 10+ spa products with a eucalyptus scent are a perfect way to treat your body everything it needs to relax.

Hammam describes an ancient traditional ritual of cleaning and relaxing in bathhouses which date back to the old Orient.

However, we don’t need to go back in time. All you need is patience, a bathtube and time because this is your day and you gotta take time for yourself, your mind and your body once and then.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Use the black soap! Yes, you heard right: black soap. The soap is great as it nourishes your skin and pores from the very inside. Just put a thin layer and rinse it with warm water.

Step 2: Now it’s all about using the purifiying sea salt scrub.. and we all know what sea salt can do to your body. No more words needed as this is the perfect peeling your body will receive.. ever.

Step 3: Use the clay body mud and clean your skin from old skin scales. Just like a mask on your face, this one will work wonders when you rinse it after 2 minutes.

Step 4: During this step I use the foaming shower gel, which feels so good on the skin and gives it the needed hydration one needs after peelings, scrubs and everything else.

Step 5: My personal favourite step is the last one because I have a thing for good smelling body creams. Oh the smell.. Don’t get me started on the smell which is heavenly. This will leave your skin smooth, glowing and hydrated.

Finito! I guess indulging yourself has never been easier.
So, I hope you guys liked this little beauty related post and my comeback. Have tons of drafts (and time to publish them) so make sure you come by more often than the last half a year 😉


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    02/07/2017 at 22:24

    Such a great review dear Tanja! Your home Spa looking so good, I have got a wish to make one too =) I love Rituals products, my fav is Sakura line. But actually all of them are amazing, and I have to try your black(!) soap and mud mask.

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    Hari Riverday Spa
    11/10/2017 at 06:53

    Awesome post! The tips for making spa treatment at home is just amazing.I have no idea about this Rituals product.So how does it work out for skin?

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